We are passionate about motor-homing and caravaning having owned them ourselves for many years. 

There always seems never to be a trip that hasn’t resulted in having to repair something. Accommodation door hinges dropping, charging systems and the list goes on. So this time at the camp site I realised that there was something wrong with our Combi when it was taking forever to heat the water when on hook up. As usual I went about trawling the internet for the answer and solution.  The answer as usual was a totally overpriced part and in my case the added fact that my heater had not only been discontinued but so had all the parts.  How can this be on a 8 year old product. Having stripped my Combi down I found it was perfectly serviceable and just required the elements so the hunt was on for replacements.

Our parent company has designed and sold heating elements for over 15 years so it was a no brainer to make them ourselves and whilst we were at it add any of those that were also hard to find or ridiculously expensive and offer them out at prices that was more acceptable.

Here on this site is a small but growing list of items that fits nicely, not just into our own window of expertise, but also our other company’s within the group.  We source everything and buy only the best. Our partner suppliers are chosen for their uncompromising quality.

You can buy with confidence any of our parts knowing that we guarantee them to last.  We are also on the end of the phone to talk motorhome/caravan with anyone who needs assistance.

Our replacement heaters and elements are straight swap out for the new style Truma Combi.  Great value and the diesel version is just amazing at the price.

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