Alde 3030 Compact HE Central Heating system


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Brand: Thermo Technica

Alde 3030 Compact HE Central Heating system


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Alde 3030 Compact HE Central Heating system


Introducing the Alde 3030 Compact HE Central Heating system:

Unmatched Heating Comfort for Your Caravan or Motorhome:

The Alde Compact 3030 is designed to provide superior heating comfort for your caravan or motorhome, ensuring a cosy environment tailored to your preferences. With separate heating circuits for each zone, you can enjoy individualised control and optimise energy usage.

Efficient Multizone System:

The advanced multizone system simplifies the temperature to suit everyone’s preferences. Whether some prefer a slightly lower or higher temperature, you can adjust the heat emission in specific zones, saving energy by only heating the areas you specify. Keep your seating area comfortably warm while maintaining a cooler ambiance in the bedroom zone.

Expanded Hot Water Capacity:

Responding to the increased demand for on-board facilities, such as showers and dinettes, we have enhanced the hot water capacity of the Alde Compact 3030. Enjoy an impressive 20% increase in capacity from the standard 8.5 litres to approximately 10 litres. This means more hot water available for longer showers, ensuring your comfort on the road.

Intuitive Control Panel with User-Friendly Interface:

Take full control of your heating system with our classic touchscreen control panel. Our new user interface has been designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Effortlessly manage the two optional heating zones, and access functions with ease.

Alde Intelligent Climate Technology Enhancements:

Experience the advanced features of our Alde Intelligent Climate Technology in the Alde Compact 3030. Benefit from precise temperature management, utilising telemetry from discrete room and outdoor temperature sensors. Our energy optimisation algorithm ensures efficient power usage based on priority, and the updated heating curve adjusts to the latest insulation and LAV design trends. Additionally, the automatic climate control is compatible with a wide range of Truma A/C systems, providing comprehensive climate control solutions.

Discover the Alde Compact 3030 and elevate your heating comfort to new levels. Choose a heating system that priorities your needs and delivers exceptional performance for your caravan or motorhome.


Brand: Alde

Model: Compact 3030

Type: Compact Boilers

Voltage Description: 12V DC

Capacity: 10 Litres ( 2.6 US Gallons )

SKU: 3030-9051

PLEASE NOTE: Gas appliances should only be installed by a Gas Safe registered installer and in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

Installation should be carried out by a qualified professional. Please read our Warranty and Shipping and Returns policy.

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