Combi 4kw Diesel and Electric Caravan and Motorhome Heater Kit

4kw Combi Heater

  • Brand: ThermoTechnica
  • Part Number: FJH-4/1C-E
  • Fuel Source: Diesel and Electricity
  • Tank Capacity: 10 Litres
  • LCD control panel included
  • Ducting, connectors included
  • Equivalent to Truma D4E
  • Available in 6kw LPG and electric


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4kw Diesel/Electric Hot Water & Warm Air Integrated Heater

Our 4E diesel + electric combi caravan and motorhome heater kit is similar to the Truma D4E. Our 4kw diesel plus 1.8 Kw electric heater is a warm-air blower with an integrated hot water boiler, which will provide hot water at 40 or 60 degrees C while heating your motorhome, even while you are driving. There are 3 energy saving options to choose from; diesel mode, electrical mode, and hybrid mode and two working modes. In hot water and warm air mode, the heater can be used to heat both the room and the hot water. If you only want hot water then just select the hot water working mode. The unit was designed to be installed in Caravan’s or Motorhomes. Thermotechnica also sell a 6kw LPG and Electric version and heating elements for both combi heaters and heaters

The combi can be run on just diesel, just electric 0.9 kw or 1.8 kw and diesel-electric using 0.9 kw or 1.8 kw electric, giving you great flexibility. From green camping to full electric hook up at a camp the combi suits all occasions.

Whatever energy option you require it will give you piping hot water in around 30 minutes whilst keeping you warm at the same time and all features are controlled thermostatically, so set and forget!

With the 4E combi heater you need only one heater as it serves both vehicle heating and hot water supply. As a result the heater can be operated with diesel or electricity or in hybrid mode. Temperature can be set using the LCD display unit (included in package), providing a high efficiency and low energy consumption. The unit has high power and high heat efficiency.

These are also a direct swap out for the Truma Combi making them totally retro-fittable

Product Specifications:

  • Rated voltage: DC12V 12V/24V
  • Max power consumption: 5.6 A
  • Average power consumption: 1.3 A
  • Thermal power: 2000 W, 4000 W and 6000 W
  • Fuel consumption: 160 g/h, 320 g/h and 480 g/h
  • LPG pressure bar: 30mbar
  • Warm air supply m3/h: 287 max
  • Water tank capacity: 10L
  • Max water pump pressure: 2.8 bar
  • Max system pressure: 4.5 bar
  • City electric voltage: ~230V
  • City electric power (W): 900 Diesel, 1800
  • City electric power consumption: 3.9 A, 7.8 A
  • Working (environment) temperature: -25 degrees C ~ +80 degrees C
  • Working height above sea level: <1500m
  • Net weight (only heater): 15.6
  • Dimensions: 510 mm x 450 mm x 300mm