Dometic Freshjet Air Conditioner FJX4 1700 – White


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The Dometic FJX4 1700 Roof Air Conditioner has a modern look and superior performance.

This new-generation 1700W roof air conditioner cools down your motorhome, caravan or campervan in record time – with minimal energy consumption, and superbly quietly too.

The integrated CleanAir system keeps your vehicle smelling fresh and clean. Rest and relax in complete comfort after an adventure-filled day, and wake up to a new day full of energy!

Dometic Freshjet Air Conditioner FJX4 1700 – White


Elevate your motorhome comfort with the sleek Dometic Freshjet FJX4 1700 Air Conditioner. This innovative 1700W rooftop unit promises rapid cooling with minimal energy use and operates with exceptional quietness. As you journey, enjoy swift relief from the heat, all while keeping energy costs low.

Furthermore, the Freshjet boasts an integrated CleanAir system. As a result, it ensures your vehicle’s interior remains odor-free and fresh. After a day full of activities, unwind in the blissful coolness of your space, waking up refreshed and ready for new adventures.

Please note, for personalized control, an additional air distribution box with electronic control is available separately.

The Freshjet’s design focuses on optimizing airflow, which leads to enhanced efficiency and a quieter ambiance. This tailored approach means faster cooling without disruptive noise. Moreover, the air conditioner features a unique integrated touch control display. This makes operation simple and convenient, a standout feature in the market.

To create the perfect setting, the Freshjet includes integrated lighting. The warm white LEDs cast a soft, inviting glow for evening relaxation. You can also adjust the outlet vents vertically, tailoring airflow to suit your comfort level.

The CleanAir system doubles as an air purifier, maintaining a fresh, clean atmosphere within your motorhome. Plus, the unit’s low-profile design, standing just 68 mm tall, maximizes interior space, allowing for more headroom in the cabin.

Maintenance of the Freshjet is effortless, thanks to the reusable dust filter. You can easily remove and clean it, ensuring consistently clean air circulation.

In essence, the Dometic Freshjet FJX4 1700 Air Conditioner transforms your motorhome into an oasis of cool and fresh air, enhancing your travel experience. It not only cools your space quickly and efficiently but also ensures a quiet, serene, and fresh environment, adding luxury to your mobile living. With Dometic Freshjet, you can confidently hit the road, knowing you have a top-tier solution for your climate control needs.

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