Dometic Freshjet Air Conditioner FJX4 2200 – Black


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The Dometic Freshjet Air Conditioner has and modern looks and a superior performance.

This new-generation 2200 W roof air conditioner cools down your motorhome, caravan or campervan in record time – with minimal energy consumption, and superbly quietly too.

The integrated CleanAir system keeps your vehicle smelling fresh and clean. Rest and relax in complete comfort after an adventure-filled day, and wake up to a new day full of energy!

Dometic Freshjet Air Conditioner FJX4 2200 – Black


Transform your motorhome travels with the sleek Dometic Freshjet Air Conditioner. This advanced 2200 W roof-mounted cooler quickly chills your space while conserving energy. Moreover, it operates so quietly that it ensures peace as you explore new territories.

Additionally, the Freshjet features an innovative CleanAir system. Consequently, it keeps the air inside your vehicle fresh and rejuvenating. So, after a day’s adventure, it’s the perfect setting to relax and refresh for tomorrow’s escapades.

Should you choose to enhance your control, an optional air distribution box with electronic control is available. It allows for even more precise climate management.

Dometic has crafted the Freshjet’s design with innovation at its core. The air conditioner’s optimized airflow translates into more efficient cooling and quieter operation. This enhances your travel comfort significantly. Furthermore, the built-in touch control display is a market standout, offering convenience and modernity.

The Freshjet also illuminates your interior with warm white LED lights, creating a welcoming ambiance. For custom comfort, you can adjust the vents vertically to direct airflow as you like. The CleanAir feature serves as both an air purifier and a deodorizer, ensuring the air remains as fresh as the outdoors.

Its low-profile design, a mere 68 mm in height, means more room inside your vehicle. It helps maintain an airy, open feel in your living space.

Maintaining the Freshjet is remarkably easy. It comes with a dust filter that you can remove and clean without hassle, ensuring clean air continuously.

The Dometic Freshjet Air Conditioner does more than regulate temperature; it elevates your on-the-road lifestyle. It guarantees a comfortable and refreshing environment in your vehicle, creating a sanctuary wherever you park. Experience both the joy of the journey and the comfort of your destination with the unmatched climate control of the Dometic Freshjet, the ideal travel companion for the contemporary nomad.

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