Fiamma Garage Pack Plus


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A simple and flexible modular system for storing bikes in a motorhome’s garage compartment. Multi-purpose kit complete with fixing structure for bikes and various accessories to arrange the garage compartment in the best way.


Fiamma Garage Pack Plus


Optimize your motorhome space with the Fiamma Garage Pack Plus. This system isn’t just flexible; it’s a complete revolution in modular storage. Specifically, it’s perfect for securing bikes. But, it goes beyond. The kit also includes various accessories to arrange everything just right.

Firstly, the pack comes with two 63cm aluminum bars. Also, it includes two expansive 198cm bars. Furthermore, you receive two 79cm bars. Together, these create a strong structure. Then, there’s a support bar. It’s designed to fix the Bike-Block firmly.

Additionally, the kit contains two reinforced rails. They’re built tough for heavy items. Next, it features the Bike-Block Pro D1 and D2. These are critical for bike stability. Moreover, there’s a Pack Organizer for shoes. Also, the Pack Organizer S keeps smaller items in check.

Moreover, eight galvanized rings offer versatile hanging spots. Then, the durable hooked bungee cord (0.8 cm in diameter, 180 cm long) secures items tightly. Lastly, four sturdy strips anchor your bikes in place.

Each component has a specific role. The aluminum bars create a durable framework. Furthermore, the support bar enhances Bike-Block security. Also, the reinforced rails carry heavy loads with ease.

Next, the Bike-Block Pro gadgets lock bikes in place, even on rough roads. Thus, your bikes stay secure. Likewise, the organizers ensure tidiness and maximize space efficiency.

Additionally, the rings and bungee cord offer flexible securing options. Moreover, the bike strips are essential. They guarantee bikes remain stationary while you travel.

In conclusion, the Fiamma Garage Pack Plus is an essential upgrade for organized travelers. It streamlines storage and fortifies bike safety. Indeed, it’s a must-have for those seeking a clutter-free journey. So, transform your motorhome into a model of organization and embark on stress-free adventures with confidence.


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