Fiamma Garage Pack – Kit


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The Fiamma Garage Pack is a multi-purpose kit used to quickly and economically arrange the garage compartment of your motorhome.

A simple and flexible modular system.


Fiamma Garage Pack


Streamline your motorhome’s storage with the Fiamma Garage Pack, the ultimate solution for travelers seeking organization and efficiency. Tailored for adventurers, this modular system transforms your garage space, particularly catering to cycling aficionados.

The pack boasts six aluminum bars in varied lengths (63cm, 198cm, and 79cm) to create a solid base. Complementing these are two sturdy, reinforced rails, ideal for anchoring down hefty gear. Moreover, it features eight versatile, galvanized rings for hanging a plethora of items with ease.

Beyond bike storage, the Fiamma Garage Pack includes the Pack Organizer Shoes and Pack Organizer S to keep footwear and smaller accessories neatly sorted. A specific support bar secures the Bike-Block, stabilizing bikes in transit. Cyclists will appreciate the inclusion of a Bike-Block Pro D1 and Pro D2, crucial for firm bike attachment.

To prevent any movement during travel, the pack provides a durable hooked bungee cord, with a thickness of 0.8 cm and length of 180 cm. Furthermore, four robust strips are uniquely designed to hold bikes in position, ensuring peace of mind on even the most rugged roads.

Setting up this system is straightforward. Quickly arrange the bars and rails to fit a wide array of equipment, from outdoor essentials to tools. With the added rings and bungee cord, the Fiamma Garage Pack Plus delivers reliable securing points for all your items.

Perfect for detailed-oriented motorhome enthusiasts, this kit not only optimizes your space but also protects your belongings, contributing to a more organized and accessible environment. The Fiamma Garage Pack stands out as a vital enhancement to your mobile home, promoting an organized, stress-free exploration.


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