Truma Combi C6002EH Heating Element with Cable (Pair)


Heating Elements

  • Brand: Thermo Technica
  • Part Number: TT6002
  • Equivalent to Truma 239031 & 239032
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Truma Combi C6002EH Heating Element with Cable (Pair)

High quality after market replacement for Truma combi boilers and fits C6002EH units.  (See picture for compatible heater C6002EH)

Truma has stopped supplying these elements which does not mean that you need to scrap a perfectly good heater.

Is your combi is taking over 30 minutes to heat a tank of water or is showing fault codes? This is usually because one of your elements has failed. This however is a common issue with these combi’s of all ages but the elements are straightforward to fit and will instantly improve your combi.

Truma combi heaters, fitted to motorhomes and caravans, heat up the water and distribute warm air throughout the cabin space via vents.

The heater can be awkward to remove but once out the elements are relatively easy to change, this should be carried out by a qualified professional.

We offer an element fitting service.  Please contact us for details and price

Product Specifications:

Power Output each: 900 watts each

Pack contains two heating elements (Truma equivalent 239031 and 239032) Heater for information purpose only and is not included.

Installation should be carried out by a qualified professional. Please read our Warranty and Shipping and Returns policy.

Weight 0.2 kg

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