SEAFLO Water Pressure Pump 12V 15LPM 60PSI

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SEAFLO Diaphragm Pump 12V 15 lpm 60 psi

The 51 NEW Series is our Heavy-Duty water pump. It provides high volume water flow with reduced pump cycling, thanks to the large five-chamber diaphragm. These models are designed to run on water systems with no accumulator tank necessary, and up to five fixtures! It is also suited for use with a holding tank water system, as may be found in a boat, RV or remote cabin. It provides up to 5.0 gallons per minute. The 51-Series pumps are self-priming, and can run dry without damage, performance reliable and low current. This automatic demand water system pump has a built-in pressure switch, which automatically starts and stops the pump when the faucet is opened and closed. They are easy to install service and winterize.


-Can supply up to 4 fixtures
-Precise pressure control and stable performance
-Good sealing performance, waterproof and dustproof
-Low starting pressure, reduces cycling
-Good heat dissipation -Run dry safe
-Can be use for Fresh & Salt Water
-2 Year Warranty
– Meets or exceeds RoHS, SGS, and ISO standards

Type5 Chamber positive displacement diaphragm pump, self priming, capable of being run dry
Control TypePressure switch
Max Recommended Temperature60° C(140° F)
Priming Capabilities6 feet (1.8 m) suction lift
Re-start PressureShut-on Pressure 20 PSI :20 PSI ±3 PSI

Shut-off Pressure 60 PSI :60 PSI ±3 PSI

Inlet/Outlet Ports1/2″-14 MNPT
Weight6.1 lbs (2.8 kg)
Leads14 AWG, 13″ (33 cm) long with 2-Pin connector / Leads
Duty CycleContinuous
Max.Amp Draw17.0 A
Fuse25.5 A



ModelVoltageOpen Flow
Control TypeMax DrawShut-off Pressure
ValvesDiaphragmPortsWire Connections
SFDP1-040-060-51 NEW12V4.0 / 15.0switch11.0A60 / 4.2EPDMSantoprene1/2″-14 MNPT2-Pin/Leads
SFDP2-040-060-51 NEW24V4.0 / 15.0switch6.0A60 / 4.2EPDMSantoprene1/2″-14 MNPT2-Pin/Leads
SFDP1-050-060-51 NEW12V5.0 / 18.9switch15.0A60 / 4.2EPDMSantoprene1/2″-14 MNPT2-Pin/Leads
SFDP2-050-060-51 NEW24V5.0 / 18.9switch8.0A60 / 4.2EPDMSantoprene1/2″-14 MNPT2-Pin/Leads
SFDPA1-050-060-51 NEW115V5.0 / 18.9switch2.56A60 / 4.2EPDMSantoprene1/2″-14 MNPTLeads/Plug
SFDPA2-050-060-51 NEW220V5.0 / 18.9switch1.28A60 / 4.2EPDMSantoprene1/2″-14 MNPTLeads/Plug

Weight2.8 kg

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