Shurflo Pump Filter/Strainer 1/2″ BSP to John Guest

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Shurflo Pump Filter/Strainer 1/2″ BSP to John Guest

Product Code: 255-215
The Shurflo Pump Filter/Strainer 1/2″ offers an ideal solution for seamlessly integrating with your water pump system:

• Equipped with a 50-mesh stainless steel screen, this strainer efficiently captures and prevents any dirt or debris from entering your pump.

• It features a 1/2″ inlet and outlet, ensuring a smooth and reliable flow of water.

• Crafted from transparent and pristine plastic construction, the filter strainer allows for easy visibility, enabling you to quickly identify when it requires cleaning.

• Designed with convenience in mind, this filter strainer can be effortlessly dismantled for hassle-free cleaning.

• Additionally, the installation process is a breeze, making it a user-friendly choice for anyone seeking an effective and efficient filtration solution.

Shurflo Pump Filter/Strainer 1/2″ BSP to John Guest


Boost your water pump system with the Shurflo Pump Filter/Strainer 1/2″, a superior choice for filtration:
  • This filter comes with a 50-mesh stainless steel screen to effectively trap debris, safeguarding your pump.
  • It features a 1/2″ inlet and outlet for uninterrupted water flow.
  • The strainer’s clear design allows for immediate inspection, signaling when it’s time to clean.
  • Its user-centric build lets you disassemble it quickly for cleaning without any fuss.
  • Installation is straightforward, offering a hassle-free enhancement to your system.

The Shurflo Pump Filter/Strainer is specifically designed to be a reliable component of your water system. Additionally, its robust mesh screen ensures consistent operation by filtering out impurities. This preventative measure keeps maintenance low and extends the lifespan of your pump.

Moreover, the transparent nature of the filter allows for proactive maintenance. You can easily monitor the condition of the filter and maintain it regularly. Thus, it helps in avoiding any potential disruptions to your water flow.

Consequently, the user-friendly design of the Shurflo Pump Filter/Strainer ensures that keeping your water system clean is as easy as possible. The simplicity of disassembly means you can maintain it regularly and with ease, promoting the longevity of your pump.

In essence, the Shurflo Pump Filter/Strainer is a practical, efficient, and indispensable part of maintaining a high-functioning water pump system. It is a simple yet crucial upgrade that will contribute to the flawless operation of your water pump for years to come. It stands out as an essential component for anyone prioritizing the integrity and efficiency of their water system.


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Product Code: 255-215

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