Single Diesel Stove Hob with Integrated Space Heater


Diesel Double Stove and Integrated Heater

  • Brand: Thermo Technica
  • Part Number: TTDi2
  • Fuel Source: Diesel
  • 12v DC
  • Installation Kit included
  • Child Lock.
  • Integrated Heater
  • 24 month warranty with registration
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Single Diesel Stove Hob with Integrated Space Heater

This Single diesel stove from Thermo Technica, has the versatility to transform your stove into a camper or boat heater. We believe it is the perfect combined, cooking and heating solution for caravans, motorhomes and boats.

It is so simple to switch from cooking to heating, just close the lid and air blows between the lid and the ceramic cooktop. Lift the lid up and it is a great ceramic stove.
A simple push button starts the cooker! It couldn’t be easier.

Light weight and compact

  • Light weight and space saving
  • The unit itself is just 326 x 359 x 250mm
  • Weighting in at 8.8Kg

Economical and power saving.

  • More economical as less weight is better fuel consumption on your journey
  • Low power consumption. Diesel is generally cheaper than gas cylinders and more readily available
  • Heat your living space using Diesel


  • No open flames, the combustion process takes place with the help of a fan in a closed loop
  • No need to open windows as all fumes and moisture are contained with the system
  • Child safety lock
  • Single fuel source, nothing creating CO in the living area
  • The upper surface of the lid is only warm to the touch

This Single diesel stove and integrated space heater comes complete with full installation kit which includes:

  • Diesel cooker with integrated heater
  • Electrical wiring
  • Controller
  • Fuel pump, filter and piping
  • Air Filters
  • Inlet and exhaust pipes
  • Connectors, clips, cables and screws
  • Fire proof cap
  • Insulated protective sleeve
  • Fuel pump connector

Installation should be carried out by a qualified professional. Please read our Warranty and Shipping and Returns policy.


Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 14 in

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