Truma S2200 Titanium Gas Heater – Grey


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The Truma S2200 Titanium Gas Heater is an especially compact gas heater with 1.5 v auto ignitor for small caravans.

With its heat output, dimensions and weight, the Truma S2200 is the smallest and lightest Truma S heater. A compact solution which maximises heat output in small caravans and motorhomes.

Truma S2200 Titanium Gas Heater – Grey


The Truma S2200 Titanium Gas Heater is a top choice for small caravan owners who need a compact and efficient way to stay warm. Unlike larger heaters, this model fits perfectly into small spaces, keeping you comfortable without taking up too much room.

What’s great about the Truma S2200 is that it packs a lot of power into its small size. Despite its modest dimensions (120 mm by 420 mm by 365 mm), it can produce an impressive 1850 watts of heat. This means you can enjoy warm, cozy evenings in your caravan no matter how cold it gets outside.

At just about 6.7 kg, this gas heater is also easy to move and won’t weigh down your vehicle. This is especially important for small caravans and motorhomes, where every kilogram matters. The Truma S2200 is cleverly designed to give you maximum heat without taking up excess space.

As for running costs, it’s very economical. The heater uses either propane or butane and has a 30 mbar operating pressure. These are common fuels for recreational vehicles, so you’ll have no trouble finding them on the road.

Another user-friendly feature is the 1.5-volt auto ignitor. This battery-operated ignition makes it easy to start the heater without having to light it manually, which is safer and more convenient.

All in all, the Truma S2200 Titanium Gas Heater is a great investment for your small caravan or motorhome. It combines compactness, light weight, and efficient heating, making it a perfect travel companion for those who want to stay warm without losing space.


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