Truma Combi D6E Type , 6E diesel and electric boiler. Complete kit


6kw Combi Heater

  • Brand: ThermoTechnica
  • Part Number: FJH-4/1C-E
  • Fuel Source: Diesel and Electricity
  • Tank Capacity: 10 litres
  • LCD control panel included
  • Ducting, connectors included
  • 12 months warranty


Inclusive of VAT

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Truma Combi D6E Type, diesel water and air space heater.
Complete kit for your Motorhome, Campervan or Caravan.

This is Truma type, equivalent combi D6E 6E Diesel air space and water heater is a complete kit. It includes all the parts you need to install and operate the unit itself.

Featuring all the benefits of the standard Combi range but with a diesel heater instead of gas alongside an electric element. The Combi D6E is not only effective but also provides increased availability of fuel more suited to those traveling further afield.

Lightweight and compact

The Combi D6E is able to operate as both a hot water boiler and space heater, and is relatively small and lightweight. It has an inbuilt 10 litre hot water storage tank, our D6E is able to provide enough hot water for everyday tasks as well as heating your living space.

Flexibility to suit your needs

The Combi D6E has 4x heated air outlets allowing for effective heating of your living space.

A digital control panel the Combi D6E that gives you complete control at any moment, easily adjust options between hot air, hot water or even having both at once.

220v – 240V mains electric heater

The Combi D6E is able to operate on 230V mains in addition to the diesel heater.
Allowing you to your heat water and living space using diesel, with the option to use the electric element when hook-up is available. You can even use both diesel and electric together for increased performance and efficiency.

This Combi D6E is a complete installation kit and includes:

  • Combi D6E diesel and electric heater unit
  • Digital control panel
  • 6 metres control panel cable
  • Terminal electrical ends
  • Truma installation and operation instructions
  • Appropriate diesel fuel lines and ducting

These units are a direct swap out for the Truma Combi. They are totally retro-fittable and a great choice if you wish to swap from gas to diesel.

12 month warranty included.

Please contact us  if you have any questions.

Don’t confuse these with Ali Express units