Voyager 4500 Two Burner Hob/Grill/Oven (No Ignition)


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The Voyager 4500 Two Burner is similar to the Neptune, but has been created for use in leisure markets such as van conversions, caravans, narrow boats and utility vehicles.

Retaining the most popular features of the Neptune, the Voyager 4500 also comes with the larger and more powerful hob burners in addition to the latest door handle which has been redesigned in aluminium to compliment the new silver knob control. The new, stronger, pan support is also a breeze to fit and secure in one place.

Voyager 4500 Two Burner Hob/Grill/Oven (No Ignition)


Let us introduce the Voyager 4500 Two Burner, the perfect cooking companion for van lifers, caravan enthusiasts, narrow boat residents, and utility vehicle adventurers. This model builds on the Neptune series and introduces new features for easy cooking during your travels.

Its robust hob burners quickly and efficiently prepare meals, setting this model apart. Designers have updated its look with a modern aluminum door handle and silver knob controls.

The cooker features two hobs: a large rapid burner for quick cooking and a standard semi-rapid burner for everyday dishes. It includes all the cooking essentials you need, such as a grill pan, handle, and trivet. The oven’s thermostat allows for precise temperature adjustments, and it boasts a separate, efficient grill compartment.

The Voyager 4500 prioritizes safety, featuring cut-outs that automatically shut off the gas if the flame goes out, and a door catch that secures the oven door while traveling.

Suitable for both butane and propane, this cooker adapts to various outdoor adventures. It offers a significant heat input of 6.81 kW (494 g/h) and weighs just 20 kg. Engineers have designed the robust pan support for easy fitting and stable use.

In essence, the Voyager 4500 Two Burner is your reliable, powerful, and stylish cooking partner on the go. It promises an improved cooking experience in the snug environment of your mobile living space.


This oven does not come with electric spark ignition. 

To view the Voyager 4500 Two Burner Hob/Grill/Oven with ignition click here.


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