WHALE Air 5kW Gas Twin Underfloor Space Heater


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The WHALE Air 5kW Gas Heater is their most powerful gas only heater. Externally mounted and with power up to 5kW, it is ideal for large van conversions. This additional power provides you with comfort in your van no matter how large.

Whale brings a new and innovative range of gas and electric space heaters to the recreational vehicle market. Designed to give you more space inside your van, extra comfort when using your van and quiet

WHALE Air 5kW Gas Twin Underfloor Space Heater


Embark on your van adventures with the WHALE Air 5kW Gas Heater, the powerhouse in their gas-only lineup. Mounted externally, this heater wields a formidable 5kW of power, establishing it as the preferred option for substantial van conversions. Moreover, it ensures consistent comfort regardless of your space’s dimensions.

Consequently, Whale’s latest series of gas heaters is a game-changer in the RV market. Specifically designed to maximize interior room, enhance comfort, and operate almost imperceptibly, they enable you to unwind in tranquility.

Furthermore, the prime features of the WHALE Air Gas Heater include:

  • Rapid heating of your van’s interior.
  • Silent operation in night mode.
  • User-friendly interface for effortless control.
  • Space-enhancing design within the vehicle.

Additionally, Whale’s partnerships with caravan and motorhome manufacturers guarantee that customers benefit from inventive, top-tier products supported by stellar service. Their heating systems are meticulously designed with a focus on space-saving, weight reduction, and user-friendliness, along with straightforward installation.

Moreover, the WHALE Air 5kW Gas Heater guarantees quick heat-up times for prompt coziness. The silent night mode ensures your slumber is undisturbed, and the intuitive controls mean you can adjust the settings with ease.

Furthermore, the unit’s sleek design substantially increases interior space, which significantly enhances the quality of your living and travel experience.

In essence, Whale remains committed to innovating in the realm of heating systems that are not only efficient and compact but also simple to operate. This commitment considerably improves life on the road.

Lastly, if you’re contemplating an upgrade to your motorhome or caravan’s heating setup, the WHALE Air 5kW Gas Heater is an excellent choice. It offers powerful heating, quiet performance, and straightforward functionality, all the while preserving precious space for the ultimate in adventure comfort.

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*NOTE: All Whale Space Heaters should be installed and serviced by a fully qualified gas engineer in accordance with the appropriate installation instructions and BS EN 1949-2011.


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