WHALE Air 6kW G & E Twin Underfloor Space Heater


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The WHALE Air 6kW Heater is the upgrade to the 5 G model, running on gas and electric giving you an extra 3kW electrical power.

Whale brings a new and innovative range of gas and electric space heaters to the recreational vehicle market. Designed to give you more space inside your van. Plus extra comfort when using your van, and quiet operation so you can sit back and relax.

WHALE Air 6kW G & E Twin Underfloor Space Heater


Upgrade your travel comfort with the WHALE Air 6kW Heater, an advanced alternative to the 5 G model. This dual-powered unit offers an additional 3kW of electric heating, giving you more warmth and versatility.

Whale introduces an inventive line of gas and electric space heaters tailored for recreational vehicles. These heaters are designed not only to maximize interior space in your van but also to enhance comfort. Moreover, they operate so quietly, you’ll barely notice them as you unwind.

Key advantages of the WHALE Air Heater include:

  • It heats your space more rapidly.
  • The night mode function is whisper-quiet.
  • The controls are straightforward to operate.
  • It frees up more room inside your vehicle.

Whale collaborates closely with caravan and motorhome manufacturers. This partnership aims to bring end-users groundbreaking products along with professional support. The design of Whale’s heating systems places a high value on saving weight and space. User-friendliness and ease of installation are also primary focuses.

The WHALE Air 6kW Heater ensures faster heat-up times, allowing you to quickly find comfort in your vehicle. The quiet night mode ensures uninterrupted sleep. The simplicity of its use means you can achieve your ideal temperature with minimal fuss.

Furthermore, the heater’s design contributes to a more spacious vehicle interior. This allows for a more enjoyable and comfortable living and travel experience.

Whale’s commitment to innovation is evident in their heating solutions. They strive for practical, space-saving designs that are easy to use and install. This approach is critical to enhancing the overall user experience.

In essence, for those looking to elevate their motorhome or caravan’s heating system, the WHALE Air 6kW Heater is a top choice. It delivers efficient heating, quiet operation, and a user-friendly interface, all while conserving valuable space. It’s the perfect companion to keep you warm and comfortable on your journeys.

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*NOTE: All Whale Space Heaters should be installed and serviced by a fully qualified gas engineer in accordance with the appropriate installation instructions and BS EN 1949-2011.


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