WHALE Air 3kW Gas Twin Underfloor Space Heater


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The Whale Heat Air 3kW GT is a gas only heater specifically introduced for camper vans and smaller panel van conversions.


It has all the benefits of the Heat Air range; comfort, quiet operation and additional space inside the van.

Whale brings a new and innovative range of gas and electric space heaters to the rec

WHALE Air 3kW Gas Twin Underfloor Space Heater


Revolutionize your camper van experience with the WHALE Air 3kW Gas Heater, crafted for compact spaces and smaller panel van conversions. This gas-only heater is part of the lauded Heat Air range, promising comfort, hushed operation, and the luxury of extra van space.

Whale’s latest innovations introduce a line of gas and electric space heaters designed to redefine the recreational vehicle market. They ensure more room within your van, heightened comfort for your travels, and silent functioning for ultimate relaxation.

Here’s what sets the WHALE Air Gas Heater apart:

  • Tailored for camper vans.
  • A compact, space-efficient heater with a slim, rotatable design.
  • Underfloor installation frees up your living and storage areas.
  • Provides total comfort in any season, perfect for year-round adventures.
  • Whether by the beach or atop a mountain, the Whale Heat Air is your go-to heating solution.
  • Features an easy-to-use, intuitive control panel.

Moreover, Whale collaborates with leading caravan and motorhome manufacturers to deliver innovative products and unparalleled support services. In Whale’s heating system lineup, the emphasis lies on saving weight and space, practical functionality, and ease of installation.

In addition, the WHALE Air 3kW Gas Heater is a testament to this commitment, offering swift heating solutions for the adventurous spirit. Its slim design not only saves space but also complements the minimalist aesthetic of modern camper vans.

Furthermore, with its intuitive control panel, operating the heater is incredibly straightforward. It translates to less time fiddling with settings and more time enjoying the journey.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking an efficient, space-saving heater that doesn’t compromise on power or ease of use, the WHALE Air 3kW Gas Heater is an impeccable choice. It’s a top-tier addition to any camper van, ensuring that wherever you roam, warmth and comfort follow.


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*NOTE: All Whale Space Heaters should be installed and serviced by a fully qualified gas engineer in accordance with the appropriate installation instructions and BS EN 1949-2011.


WHALE Air 3kW Gas Twin Underfloor Space Heater - Specification Sheet

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