WHALE Internal Space Heater – Gas Only


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The WHALE Internal Space Heater is a compact lightweight heater designed to neatly fit inside a bunk or cupboard. Available as a gas only, or gas and electric heater.

Versatile installation options Space saving, compact, lightweight Superior insulation, low voltage No wiring – simply plug in! Intuitive to use Built in diagnostics system for easy fault finding Improved service access No internal flu

WHALE Internal Space Heater – Gas Only


Boost the warmth in your caravan or motorhome with the WHALE Internal Space Heater. This compact, lightweight unit easily fits into a bunk or cupboard. Choose from a gas-only model or one that combines gas and electric heating.

The installation of this heater adapts to various settings due to its versatile design. It saves space and remains light enough not to burden your vehicle. Superior insulation and low voltage requirements are its hallmarks. You won’t need to worry about complex wiring—simply plug it in. Users find the intuitive controls a breeze to operate.

Additionally, the heater includes a built-in diagnostics system. This feature simplifies troubleshooting, guiding you directly to any issues. Servicing is straightforward thanks to improved access design. Moreover, the absence of an internal flue or chimney eases installation and maintenance.

Key benefits of the WHALE Space Heater include:

  • Its compact size fits snugly into the smallest spaces.
  • It operates without the hassle of wiring.
  • The design ensures user-friendly operation.

Whale is a brand synonymous with innovation, working in sync with caravan and motorhome manufacturers. They are committed to providing cutting-edge products and excellent support services. Whale’s heating solutions emphasize weight reduction and space conservation. Additionally, they focus on practicality, user-friendliness, and easy installation.

The WHALE Internal Space Heater excels in delivering cozy warmth while maintaining a minimal footprint inside your vehicle. It nestles into confined spaces, freeing up room for you to live and move comfortably. Plug-in convenience means you can avoid the complexities of electrical work.

Whale’s partnership with vehicle manufacturers benefits the end-user. Together, they ensure heating systems like the WHALE Space Heater are not only efficient but also enhance the travel experience. Weight, space, practicality, and ease remain at the core of their design philosophy. For those looking to install a reliable heater, Whale provides a seamless solution that aligns with the needs of adventurous lifestyles.

In conclusion, for travelers who value warmth without spatial compromise, the WHALE Internal Space Heater stands out. It’s an essential upgrade for a cozy, efficient, and spacious living environment on the move.

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