WHALE Underfloor Space Heater – Gas Only


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The WHALE Underfloor Space Heater is robust, yet lightweight. It is mounted to the chassis underneath the vehicle, maximising space inside the vehicle.

Whale work in partnership with caravan and motorhome manufacturers to provide end-users with innovative products and professional support services. For Whale’s heating system range, weight and space saving, practicality and of use and ease of installation are central considerations in this process.

WHALE Underfloor Space Heater – Gas Only


Revolutionize your vehicle’s heating with the WHALE Underfloor Space Heater—designed for strength while remaining lightweight. This unit, mounted directly to the vehicle’s chassis, optimizes interior space by utilizing the underfloor area.

Let’s delve into the key advantages of the WHALE Space Heater:

  • Its compact design allows installation in tight spaces.
  • The heater operates without the need for intricate wiring.
  • Users enjoy simplicity and convenience in operation.

Moreover, Whale collaborates closely with caravan and motorhome manufacturers. They aim to deliver not only innovative products but also outstanding support services. Whale’s heating systems, particularly the underfloor space heater, focus on saving weight and space. Additionally, practicality, ease of use, and installation are paramount.

The WHALE Underfloor Space Heater – Gas Only provides warmth without compromising your vehicle’s living area. It slips seamlessly into small underfloor spaces, a feat of engineering design. Importantly, the absence of wiring simplifies the setup process. Users can manage the heater with straightforward controls.

Whale takes pride in fostering partnerships with leading caravan and motorhome makers. Together, they ensure that end-users receive heating solutions that blend seamlessly with their travel lifestyle. Whale’s dedication to product innovation is evident in the space heater’s design. The emphasis on weight and space saving reflects an understanding of the needs of modern travelers. The heater’s design also highlights the importance of practicality and user-friendliness.

For installation, ease takes center stage. Manufacturers and end-users alike benefit from a heating solution that is as effortless to install as it is to operate. With the WHALE Underfloor Space Heater, travel enthusiasts can enjoy a warm, cozy, and spacious interior environment, no matter where the road leads.

To sum up, the WHALE Underfloor Space Heater is an essential addition for those looking to maximize interior space without sacrificing warmth. Its user-friendly features and partnership-driven innovation make it a leading choice for heating in recreational vehicles.

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